Training the outer man is good, useful, and necessary for practical purposes; however, to concentrate merely on one dimension, for instance, only the work situation or his skills, is to alienate man from himself. To improve a man, it is not enough to teach him skills. He must be taught something more about himself, what gives meaning to his work, to the relationship of his skills to his whole being and to others surrounding his being, and his relationship to the spiritual or inner world.

The reason most industrial training programs do not achieve a lasting effect is that they fail to touch the inner core of man. Most training programs are concerned only with skills development and not this inner consciousness where real transformation occurs.

What the Inner Mind Development Institute Management programs provide is a new training concept and philosophy based on an expanded vision of man, one that recognizes his many levels of being and many levels of reality, not one that is confined merely to what can be seen, felt, smelled and measured. Our management programs start where other training programs leave off.

In August 1989 the Asian Institute of Management included Creative and Intuitive Management training in its Master in Development Management program, with Jaime T. Licauco, internationally known researcher, lecturer, author, management consultant and Founder – President of the Inner Mind Development Institute conducting a ten–session module. This was the first management program developed by IMDI which was established on March 10, 1988, in response to the growing need for a systematic and practical knowledge of intuitive ability and its development.

In June 1991 the Institute presented for the first time the four-day intensive Inner Mind Development Seminar to the Filipino public, a product of Mr. Licauco’s over 15 years of research on the limitless potentials of the human mind. The forerunner of the Whole-Brain Development Seminar, it is a splendid combination and synthesis of both Western and Eastern concepts and practices in the field of mind development and leadership, going beyond most mind development programs being conducted in Asia today.

Since then the whole program or portions of it, have been presented to various firms and organizations such as PAL, COA, RCBC, SGV, Transnational Corporation, Philippine Air Force, GSIS, SSS, Pag-Ibig, ACCENTURE, several universities, medical associations, and many others.